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Started in the early 2000s in Concord North Carolina, the Avett Brothers folk rock band has so far released nineteen albums, including four live, nine full-length, and six Eps. The band is composed of Scott and Seth Avett who are brothers, Bob Crawford, Joe Kwon, and touring members Paul Defiglia, Tania Elizabeth, and Mike Marsh. In 2000, the group documented their project, which was renamed the Avett Brothers to which they then released a self-titled album that year. In the next years, they maintained a busy schedule and released a lengthy studio album in 2004 ‘Mignonette,' a live disc in 2005, and a full-length album together with an EP in 2006. The band combines country, pop, bluegrass, folk, roll and rock, honky tonk, indie rock, and ragtime melodies. Although the band has over 150 original songs, Seth and Scott are constantly writing new content. They take their inspiration from different artists and genres, which is evident in their style of music. For instance, Scott claims both of them were inspired by John Denver when growing up while Seth is a self-declared fan of Tom Waits and Sam Cooke. The band is a known touring force that plays historic opera halls, music festival stages, and outdoor amphitheaters performing songs from different albums. In 2007, the band reached a whole new level with ‘Emotionalism, ’ and for this, they signed the band to American Recordings. In 2011 after gaining popularity, they were invited to perform alongside Bob Dylan at the Grammy Awards and later in 2012 they released ‘The Carpenter’ under the tutelage of Rubin. Since last year, they have produced two albums with the most recent one being ‘True Sadness.' Their music is often listened to on web streaming services or on the radio. Although they have been successful in other albums, the most successful was ‘I and Love and You’ which sold more than 500,000 copies after being released in 2009. ‘The Carpenter’, which was the second most successful album released in 2012 sold over 98,000 copies in the first week of sale.

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